Book review: “An Alien Heat” by Michael Moorcock

Thumbs up for An Alien Heat (Dancers at the End of Time #1) by Michael Moorcock. Science fiction.

The end of time is nigh, but the last humans do not care; they are busy being decadent: to wit, creating things out of the air, indulging their hobbies, having sex, and playing pranks on each other. (Satire, yet I’m not sure what else I would hope for the end of humanity?) The crux of the story is when the hero, Jherek Carnelian, decides to do something daring–he intends to fall in love! Luckily, a freak of time travel has brought him a straight-laced Victorian lady…. A witty, perfectly absurd book which I read in one sitting. Unlike Roadmarks, another 1970’s book I read in close proximity, this one stuck with me. Highly recommended.

‘One day,’ said Jherek, ‘we must make love, Lord Jagged.’

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