graphic novels

Promethea (Book 2)


Thumbs up for Promethea II, III, IV and V by Alan Moore. Graphic novels/fantasy.

Bless my boyfriend for giving me the first volume (my review) and my friend Charles for loaning me the rest. Promethea was not only an engrossing story but it also included the best popular explanation of ceremonial magic symbology/tarot/kabbalism I’ve ever seen. Not what I’d expect to stumble across in a graphic novel, no, but it worked!… >> Read more

Promethea (Book 1)

Thumbs up for Promethea, Volume I by Alan Moore. Graphic novel.

Since I’m going to ComicCon tomorrow it seems like it would behoove me to actually read some comics. My boyfriend was right: I loved this. It’s no War and Peace, but a good story starts to gel in this first volume and there are some brilliant moments (Little Red Riding Hood with a machine gun…ha!).… >> Read more