Thumbs up for Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar…: Understanding Philosophy Through Jokes by Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein.

Philosophy makes my eyes roll up into my head. For about ten years I’ve had a copy of Sophie’s World on my shelf, whispering “You should read me; I’ll make you smarter.” Finally, I’ve told Sophie to piss off, and have read this instead.… >> Read more

Thumbs up for Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: (A Mostly True Memoir) by Jenny Lawson. Nonfiction/autobiography.

Jenny Lawson – aka The Bloggess – would be the first person to admit that she is absolutely insane. But if you’re going to be insane, you might as well do great things with it: Like making people laugh so hard they cry. People like me.… >> Read more

Thumbs up for Quantum of Tweed: The Man With the Nissan Micra by Conn Iggulden. Humor.

I was in London in the Waterstone’s flagship store and I was in search of things that were very, well, English, and also vacation-suitable. A novella-length James Bond parody about a menswear salesman who accidentally becomes an assassin seemed to hit the mark. I expected to be amused; I didn’t expect to laugh out loud at length many times.… >> Read more

Thumbs up for Wreck the Halls: When Cake Wrecks Goes “Festive” by Jen Yates. Humor.

The sequel to Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong (my review). From the blog of the same name. Still the funniest thing ever. I read it at work. Don’t follow my example. People will wonder.… >> Read more

Thumbs up for My Life As An Experiment: One Man’s Humble Quest to Improve Himself by A. J. Jacobs. Humor.

Jacobs is a funny guy, though unfortunately this book is nowhere near as good as The Know-It-All or The Year of Living Biblically, simply by dint of the fact that it’s not as extensive (some might say obsessive) in scope as those.… >> Read more

Thumbs up for Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong by Jen Yates. Humor.

You do know Cake Wrecks, right? The funniest website in the universe? If you know it, you know why this book made me laugh so hard I cried. If you don’t, then please make sure you are in a place where hysterical weeping laughter will not a) get you fired or b) wake up and piss off your loved ones.… >> Read more