Thumbs up for The Big Sheep by Robert Kroese. Science fiction.

Near-future science fiction mystery about a missing sheep and a TV starlet who believes someone wants to kill her. And that is where I must stop, because the plot is so blindingly complicated and contains so many reveals that literally everything after that point is spoilers. But I will tell you that it is enormous fun; droll and dialogue-driven, it’s like Robert B.… >> Read more

Thumbs up for The Zaanics Deceit by Nina Post with David J. Peterson. Suspense.

I was asked by the co-author (assisting linguist?) if I’d be willing to review this; because I am a picky reader and didn’t want to get in trouble, I read the blurb and first page on Amazon before agreeing. Hmm, I said to myself. It takes place in Istanbul and San Francisco (among others), concerns a manuscript in an invented language, makes direct nods to King Lear, and begins with a heroine with an anxiety disorder remotely managing a diamond heist from her home?… >> Read more

Thumbs up for The Ritual Bath by Faye Kellerman. Mystery.

I have no idea why I love Jewish mysteries (yes, this is a subgenre), since I’m not Jewish and don’t much like mysteries: you can count yourself lucky that the era when I obsessively read everything by Harry Kemelman and Batya Gur was pre-blog. Frankly, I’m glad too. But a very boring day at work and the memory of having read an interesting interview with Mrs Kellerman led to me picking up this, the first book in her Decker/Lazarus series.… >> Read more