Thumbs up for My Ideal Bookshelf by Thessaly La Force, illustrated by Jane Mount. Nonfiction.

I spent about a third of my weekly grocery budget on this book, but once it was in my hand I knew I could never let it go. (Albeit this may be more a reflection on my finances rather than on the price of the book.) It’s hard to describe an art book in prose, but the concept is that the authors asked more than a hundred famous and famous-ish people – from Malcolm Gladwell to Maira Kalman to Alice Waters – what their ideal bookshelf was.… >> Read more

Blog: 2011-11-08

I review every book I finish*. I do Two-Paragraph Reviews: one paragraph of mine, one from the book.

Why just one of each? Well, for starters, to keep my sanity. If I didn’t have that restriction I’d probably be writing a whole essay about each book, and copying out multi-page passages to show you. And if I did that, I’d quickly burn out and quit.… >> Read more