Thumbs up for Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn. Literature.

This is what I call a “bath book” – a book of 200 pages or less that I can read over the length of one (very long) bath. And a most delightful bath book it is. It is a novel in letters (I won’t be poncy and call it “epistolary”), mostly sent between two teenage cousins who live on opposite sides of the hyper-literate island nation Nollop, which floats off the coast of the southern US.… >> Read more

Thumbs up for Insurgent by Veronica Roth. Young adult science fiction.

Yikes. Even more intense than the first in the series, Divergent, which frankly was pretty dang intense. Things just keep getting worse and worse in Tris’s world. This is a very violent book packed with action, but not mindless action – Tris is a three-dimensional character who thinks as well as fights, and that’s a good thing because she’s up against some bad shit.… >> Read more

Thumbs up for Rivers of London (US title: Midnight Riot) by Ben Aaronovitch. Fantasy.

Absolutely wonderful. I had to look up Aaronovitch’s bio to establish that he was not actually a cop: I wouldn’t have been surprised to find that he was, for the details about police procedure layered throughout Rivers are so concrete. I love that, because Peter Grant’s copper/failed scientist mindset makes him the perfect observer and investigator in this story of magical murders going on in London.… >> Read more