Thumbs up for Doctor Who: The Clockwise Man by Justin Richards. Science fiction.

I found a stack of these DW novels in an Oxfam in London and snagged them faster than you could say “TARDIS.” To be honest, my expectations as to their quality were lower than dirt. But I was pleasantly surprised. The writing was tolerable, there were some interesting dashes of history, likable supporting characters, and (saving grace) I could actually imagine the Ninth Doctor and Rose saying their lines.… >> Read more

Thumbs up for Wookiee Cookies: A Star Wars Cookbook by Robin Davis. Cookbook.

More for the illustrations, really, since I can eat barely anything in it. (Lord, I always forget how awful is the food Americans feed their kids.) But the photos are hilarious – action figures arranged in giant landscapes of food.… >> Read more

Thumbs up for The Clothes They Stood Up In and Lady In The Van by Alan Bennett. Literature/Nonfiction.

This contains a novella and an novella-like essay. The former is delightful, and is the reason for my thumbs-up; the latter didn’t do much for me. As usual, skip the spoileriffic introduction.

The Ransomes had been robbed. “Robbed,” Mrs. Ransome said. “Burgled,” Mr.

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