short stories

Thumbs up for Selected Stories by Fritz Leiber. Science fiction and fantasy.

When I was about fourteen and gave my dad a few paragraphs of the fantasy novel I was writing, he gave me what I now know to be one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received: “Your writing reminds me of Fritz Leiber.” This was, of course, a kind lie, and one which moreover went unappreciated because at the time I had never read Fritz Leiber.… >> Read more

Two thumbs way up for Conservation of Shadows by Yoon Ha Lee. Science fiction/fantasy short stories.

While I was reading this I resented work, eating, sleep and friends because all I wanted to do was continue reading. Oh, it is definitely not for everyone. The stories in this collection are a strange and unique melange of math, honor, magic, music, Asian mythology, war, genocide, lexicography, weaponry, time travel, and spaceships – in other words, it is as if it was written specifically for me by someone who can see inside my head.… >> Read more

Thumbs up for Magic for Beginners: Stories by Kelly Link. Fantasy short stories.

For whatever reason we couldn’t sell this book for love or money at the bookstore where I work; it automatically went into the sale books, and even there it was known to linger. The logical assumption here would be that it is bad. Not so. After seeing several references to Kelly Link being one of the greatest living writers of fantasy short stories, I thought I had better find out for myself.… >> Read more

Thumbs up for Warm Worlds and Otherwise by James Tiptree, Jr. Science fiction.

Years ago I read another collection of Triptree stories (Ten Thousand Light-Years From Home) and I don’t remember much about them except that her characters skittered away from me any time I made a move in their direction. As I generally read for character, this did not make me a Tiptree fan.… >> Read more

18 Best Stories by Edgar Allan Poe


Thumbs up for 18 Best Stories by Edgar Allan Poe by Edgar Allan Poe, edited by Vincent Price and Chandler Brossard. Horror.

I remembered liking Poe when I’d read him before, and Halloween seemed an excellent time to finish up a collection of his stories. He was even better than I remembered, and I enjoyed the selection in this edition enough that it’s earned a place on my bookshelf.… >> Read more