Balthazar, before the lunch rush hits

Last night I lamented to a friend that so far the best food I’d tasted on my vacation was my friend Mandy’s homemade pot roast (which is, I grant you, hard to compete with). He suggested Balthazar. Why did I not just ask him to begin with? Balthazar was amazing – the latte, the food, and the service were all miles better than everything I’ve had so far.… >> Read more

Manhattan, Day 4

Today was my Met day. The friend I’m staying with lives in Midtown, so I decided to walk up through the park rather than take the bus. Of course it decided to rain buckets and buckets and buckets and I did not dry out in the four hours I was in the museum. Water even got inside the sleeves of of my heavy lined wool coat and my knee-high leather boots.… >> Read more

Manhattan, Day 3

Drew, the brother of my friend David, generously showed me around town today. First Central Park, then up to the Met Cloisters (which was never a monastery, but contains the cannibalized bits of several).

Then after some fuss with trains, down to Greenwich Village in the blinding rain to meet David and watch The Seventh Seal, as one usually does on vacation.… >> Read more

Walking up to the Strand

Yves Tanguy – Extinction of Useless Lights Vasily Kandinsky – Picture with an Archer Frantisek Kupka – Mme Kupka among Verticals Francis Picabia – I See Again in Memory My Dear Undnie Henri Matisse – The Blue Window Henri Matisse – The Red Studio Claude Monet – Agapanthus (detail) Cy Twombly – The Four Seasons (Winter) Nosebleeds at the Lyceum to see The Play that Goes Wrong

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Manhattan, Day 1

I have twelve pages of journal filled, but until I have the chance to make that presentable, here are some photos.

The Cliff’s Notes version:

I love flying. It never gets old. I also love cities so much. Mostly because of the architecture. Going back to Seattle is going to make me sad. It’s good that I don’t live here because I would just stand for hours in Grand Central Terminal looking up at the ceiling.… >> Read more