young adult

Thumbs up for Divergent by Veronica Roth. Young adult science fiction.

Should we encourage the authors of Hunger Games knockoffs who write stories about underestimated, scrappy heroines who overcome intense personal danger, fight against a corrupt dystopian society, and find love with a hot boy? Well…if they’re Veronica Roth, we should. I couldn’t put Divergent down. Why do I have to wait until next month for volume #2?… >> Read more

Thumbs up for Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev. Young adult fantasy.

My God. A young adult fantasy book that’s actually different? No vampires, werewolves, or wizard schools? How could this be? Spunky Beatrice Shakespeare Smith has grown up behind the scenes at the Theatre Illuminata, where to describe a scene is to bring it to life; but after getting into trouble one too many times, she has to defend her right to a place there, and discover the the secrets of her own past in the process.… >> Read more

Thumbs up for Paper Towns by John Green. Young adult.

It seems unwise to try to synopsize this book. I picked it up expecting one sort of story, but it went in another direction entirely when Margo turned up at Q’s window in the middle of the night wearing black face paint. Then it took another turn, and another. It is an oddly believable, funny, and surprisingly thoughtful book that touches on many things you may not expect to find in a YA novel, including Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, the nature of identity vs perception, cartography, and Wikipedia (sorry – I mean Omnictionary).… >> Read more

Thumbs up for Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen. Young adult.

A fun light read, though it didn’t stick together as well as the other Dessen I read (Just Listen). Maybe because it was shorter?

And then, as I looked more closely, I saw the notes. Just like the one out front, they were on index cards, written in nice block printing.

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Thumbs up for Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell. Young adult.

I read this as a kid and loved it; I’ve always liked tales of survival in the wild with minimal equipment. It’s been sitting on my shelf since then, awaiting a re-read. I have moved on a bit over the last fifteen-odd years, but it’s still an excellent tale – all the more interesting as it’s inspired by a true report of a young woman who survived eighteen years alone on an island.… >> Read more

Owl in Love

Thumbs up for Owl In Love by Patrice Kindl. Young adult fantasy.

A were-owl falls in love with her science teacher. Then, the plot thickens: but I’ll say no more of that. I’m unsure why I never read this book before. For at least two years now, it’s been catching my eye from the shelf at the bookstore where I work.… >> Read more

Just Listen

Thumbs up for Just Listen by Sarah Dessen. Young adult.

Since I was homeschooled, the world of high school girls is more alien to me than outer space. But I recommend these books all the time, so it seemed like I should read one; and I’m glad I did. This was an excellent, excellent book. It is a Novel, in the classic way: a book about people trying to live with themselves and each other.… >> Read more