Manhattan, Day 1

Manhattan, Day 1

I have twelve pages of journal filled, but until I have the chance to make that presentable, here are some photos.

The Cliff’s Notes version:

  • I love flying. It never gets old.
  • I also love cities so much. Mostly because of the architecture. Going back to Seattle is going to make me sad.
  • It’s good that I don’t live here because I would just stand for hours in Grand Central Terminal looking up at the ceiling.
  • Park Ave is boring, except for St. Patrick’s.
  • The Public Library puts all other libraries to shame. No idea where the books are. I’m sure they’re there somewhere.
  • So far I’ve spent more on food than I usually do in a week, and none of it has even approached the level of the two meals my roommates made the days before I left for vacation.
  • The idea of a city in which “I’ll meet you at the Brazilian restaurant on W 56th” is an ambiguous statement makes me overjoyed.

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