New review of “Cold Sandwiches and All”

A quick brag: Christine at Love Serially blog has written a lovely review of Cold Sandwiches and All! Here’s a snippet:

The characters in this novel are well developed and wonderful. Rosemary is ridiculous in the best possible way and Lucien is somehow both insecure and an alpha male, making the pair of them intriguing, loveable and funny as all get out. This is billed as a romantic comedy, and it definitely should be considered one, but it doesn’t follow all of the typical tropes of the genre. There is a bit of magic, a modern sensibility, and yet a historical edge to the whole thing that I find delightful.

If you want to read Cold Sandwiches and haven’t already, you can get it here (UK link). Or contribute to my Patreon.

Also, Christine’s blog is well worth investigating, especially if you like romance. Her reviews are very thoughtful!

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