Review: “Adult Video 1” by Lexi Maxxwell

Thumbs up for Adult Video 1 by Lexi Maxxwell. Erotica/Humor.

Most erotica takes itself way, way too seriously. This – the first short piece in a series about the employees of an adult video store – definitely does not. There were moments when I laughed so hard that I was concerned I would wake up my roommate. (Have you got the impression that I prefer funny writing to sexy writing? You would be right.) I’m not rushing out to buy the next in the series (this one was free) but the fact that I actually read all the way through it says a lot.

The rules of the game said that the staff had to start making guesses about what the customers would buy within the first 10 seconds they were in the store. If they waited too long, you could tell where they were headed. Most customers meandered, but some knew their game and shot straight for their desires.

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