After You with the Pistol

Review: “After You With the Pistol” by Kyril Bonfiglioli

Thumbs up for After You With the Pistol by Kyril Bonfiglioli. Suspense.

As usual, I had no intention of starting a new book, since I was in the middle of several others; but I was out and about and finished browsing the bookstore my boyfriend and I were in before he did, so I picked a random, interesting-looking book off the display to examine while I waited. By the fifth page I regretfully had to admit to myself that I was going to buy the thing. I did, and as I followed the capers and escapes of the cowardly, clever, exceedingly funny Hon. Charlie Mortdecai, I discovered that the review on back that said it was like Bertie Wooster meets Flashman was absolutely right. If you don’t mind British humor and sex and violence and you like to laugh, laugh, laugh, this snappy little book should not be missed.

” ‘I have had a Nervous Breakdown,’ I told myself crossly, ‘the sort of thing that one’s aunts have for Christmas.’ I lay motionless for what seemed a long time. This was to deceive them, you see, whoever they were, and to give me time to think about it all. I soon became aware that there were no them in the room and that what I wanted was a great, burly drink to help me think. I decided, too, that since they had kept me alive they must want something from me and that a drink would not be an unreasonable quid pro quo for whatever it was, if you follow me. (You will notice that the very recollection of that time interferes with my well-known lucidity.”

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