Review: “All the Possibilities” by Nora Roberts

Thumbs up for All the Possibilities by Nora Roberts. Romance.

As mentioned before–maybe I should just add an explanation to my blog–I like the idea of romance novels, but my tolerance for pushy men is about nil; ergo, my tolerance for standard-issue M/F romance novels is about nil. I do, however, keep reading back-cover blurbs in hope. I was so astonished that Nora had made the hero of All the Possibilities a politician that I read the first page. (I can think of no less sexy job; I say this as someone who once myself wrote a romance novel about a politician.) Well, if Balzac needs a full chapter of dense type to set the scene, Nora sketches Washington D.C. in four vivid paragraphs and introduces an intriguing heroine in two. Respect. And yes, the hero is pushy, but his chemistry with the heroine is so obviously mutual, despite her believable but rather silly protests, that I found it worthwhile to forcibly muffle my “men who act like this are creepers” radar for 252 pages. I quite enjoyed this book, given that caveat large enough to park a truck in.

Why hadn’t he sent her something ordinary like flowers? Flowers she could have passed off and forgotten. She looked down into the basket, filled with berries brilliantly red and begging to be tasted. How did you deal with a man who sent you a basket of strawberries on a spring morning?

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