Review: “Beasts of Tabat” by Cat Rambo

Thumbs up for Beasts of Tabat by Cat Rambo. Fantasy.

A beautifully evoked world kept me reading, but even a few weeks later I can’t tell you a single plot point that happened in Beasts of Tabat (was there even a plot?). For a 300-page paperback that ends inconclusively, that is a problem. And yet…I still find myself thinking about the characters from time to time. So I suppose I’ll just hope that book two, whenever it’s released, has more of the good stuff…plus more explosions!

I don’t like to read much, as a rule. It isn’t a particularly useful skill. There are too many things you can’t learn from a book, from how to birth a basilisk whose eggs are stopped (one of the most delicate arts Jolietta taught me) to how to deflect a dagger blow. And things in books aren’t true sometimes, something which I know better than most.

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