Double Negative: A Novel

Review: “Double Negative” by David Carkeet

Thumbs up for Double Negative by David Carkeet. Mystery.

I’d had this on my “to-find” list for a while because it was a mystery taking place among a group of linguists, and I love linguistics. It was not the best mystery I’ve ever read, but it was readable, well-characterized, moved along nicely, and had occasional flashes of great wit that made up for it being merely “readable.” Also, I couldn’t figure out who did it, and that’s always nice.

“Stiph was asleep. He was often asleep, here in his office, or outside on the shaded lawn gently sloping down to the Baby Wabash, or in a playroom corner, quite oblivious to his crawling, vocalizing, peeing informants. Now, as always, he gave the appearance of being at peace not just with the world, but also with Satan, all other known forces of darkness, and even new car salesman.”

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