Fever Dream

Review: “Fever Dream” by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child


Thumbs up for Fever Dream by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Suspense.

Going from Cormac McCarthy to Preston & Child: Ow. No offense to them, but I think they would be the first to agree that one does not read their books for the prose. But I stuck with it, and after I relaxed into the fact that it was what it was, I enjoyed just as much as always the gleefully over-the-top adventures of ultra-rich ultra-brilliant bullet-dodging DSM-IV-quoting Southern gentleman who is Special Agent Pendergast (he has an evil brother, does that tell you anything about this series?). He is truly a Doc Savage for the modern age. Not the sort of thing I could read often, but fun fun fun.

“‘Maurice, the sherry won’t be necessary after all. I’m going to take this gentleman out into the swamp, shoot him in the back of the head with his own gun, and let the alligators dispose of the evidence. I’ll be back in time for dinner.'”

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