Review: “How to Keep a Sketch Journal”

Thumbs up for How to Keep a Sketch Journal: A Guide to Observational Drawing and Keeping a Sketchbook by 3dtotal Publishing. Art.

You’d think that would be silly of me to point out that there are many kinds of art, but I don’t think it’s redundant; there are so many media, techniques and genres that—while there may indeed be some people who like all of them—I sincerely doubt that most people do. Recently at a museum I speedwalked through the headline exhibition of Alice Neel and then more or less ignored the classical landscapes my friend liked, but I could have stared for hours at the handful of pointillist works tucked into a corner. Now, one genre I like even more than pointillists—possibly even right up there with my love of the French impressionists and post-impressionists—is scrawly, out-of-proportion sketches of everyday life. This is a very good thing, because actually making some of my own scrawly, out-of-proportion sketches of everyday life is well within my own skill set, and doesn’t require hundreds of dollars worth of oil paint and supplies. If this is also your thing—whether you haven’t yet begun to keep a sketch journal or just want some continuing inspiration—I highly recommend this visually-delightful, advice-filled little book.

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