Perish Twice (Sunny Randall)

Review: “Perish Twice” by Robert B. Parker

Thumbs up for Perish Twice by Robert B. Parker. Mystery.

Let it be said that Parker is one of my favorite writers. More fool me that I picked up Perish Twice in order to admire his descriptive powers, intending to read no more than a paragraph, because I promptly got sucked into the story. This was the first Sunny Randall I’d ever read, and I don’t get why people shun these in favor of the Spensers and the Stones (these being his detectives). C’mon, Sunny is just Spenser in a skirt. This one is in fact better than some of the Spensers.

“‘I’m a detective,’ I said. ‘That means, concretely, that I like to detect things; and, abstractly, that I have some concern with justice.'”

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