Review: “Sisters of the Vast Black” by Lina Rather

Thumbs up for Sisters of the Vast Black by Lina Rather. Science Fiction.

In this quick novella, the Sisters (as in nuns) who crew the Our Lady of Impossible Constellations provide ministry to the outer systems. Unfortunately, their Mother Superior is suffering cognitive decline, and their liveship has fixated on a mate. The situation gets vastly (*pun intended*) more complicated as they are pulled into larger events. Excellent worldbuilding and a few twists near the end made this very satisfying.

“Lord,” she signed. She had the same crucifix in her chamber as they had in the chapel. This one she had carried with her from her novitiate in her small allotment of personal items. The faces on this batch had come out poorly. Jesus barely had a mouth, and not even the suggestion of a nose. She had taken it in like a stray. Back then, she’d had an exile’s affection for misshapen things. “Tell me what to do. I don’t know anymore. I barely know myself anymore, some days.”

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