The Fairies of Nutfolk Wood (Outdoor Adventures (Katherine Tegen Books))

Review: “The Fairies of Nutfolk Wood” by Barb Bentler Ullman


Thumbs up for The Fairies of Nutfolk Wood by Barb Bentler Ullman. Young adult.

A very cute story about a girl who moves with her recently-divorced mom to the country, and discovers something out of the ordinary. Well-written (for its age group), and perhaps more importantly, well-constructed; I was surprised to read in the back that it was the author’s first book. One thing I wished was that there had been more interaction with the fairies themselves. But I accept that it wasn’t that kind of book. Enjoyable, nevertheless.

“The stump house had the boldest crest – a cluster of acorns in front of two crossed bones. Over the acorns flew a carved banner with some Old English words on it. Below the acorns was the word NUTBONE.”

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