The Fortuitous Meeting cover

Review: “The Fortuitous Meeting” by Christopher Kastensmidt

Neither thumbs up nor thumbs down
for The Fortuitous Meeting by Christopher Kastensmidt. Fantasy.

Honestly, this was a perfectly acceptable novella in all ways. It just didn’t…stand out. Perhaps the rest of the series is better?

Oludara laughed deeply. “Sorry to laugh at you, Gerard van Oost, but how can one not laugh when presented with such madness? Yet I must also be mad, for I accept your proposal. I see you are sincere, and I am sincere in saying that nothing in this world happens by chance. Who can say if the gods themselves didn’t have something to do with our fortuitous meeting? Perhaps they placed me into the slaver’s hands so I could live out some purpose here on the other side of the world.”


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