The Gunslinger: (The Dark Tower #1)(Revised Edition)

Review: “The Gunslinger” by Stephen King

Thumbs up for The Gunslinger by Stephen King. Horror.

Stephen King is a better wordsmith than almost anyone else. That’s all I feel the need to say. But that said, do yourself a favor and don’t get the illustrated edition of The Gunslinger. Not only do some of the illustrations contradict what’s said in the story, but some are in completely inappropriate places, to the extent that they spoil what’s going to happen.

The desert was the apotheosis of all deserts, huge, standing to the sky for what looked like eternity in all directions. It was white and blinding and waterless and without feature save for the faint, cloudy haze of the mountains which sketched themselves on the horizon and the devil-grass which brought sweet dreams, nightmares, death. An occasional tombstone sign pointed the way, for once the drifted track that cut its way through the thick crust of alkali had been a highway. Coaches and buckas had followed it. The world had moved on since then. The world had emptied.

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