Review: “The Paleo Manifesto” by John Durant

Thumbs up for The Paleo Manifesto: Ancient Wisdom for Lifelong Health by John Durant. Health.

I tried this because of glowing reviews and was surprised to find it was different (in a good way) than I’d expected. Rather than being just yet another paleo how-to guide – though it does have enough basic info that it would certainly serve as a good introduction to the paleo lifestyle – it’s a well-organized collection of paleo-related thoughts, on topics ranging from the possible scientific basis of Jewish dietary laws to barefoot running to the benefits of jumping in freezing cold water. And Durant makes it all interesting, entertaining and sometimes outright funny. Recommended if you’re interested in the topic.

Much of the fat hysteria may boil down to a far simpler cause. It’s a shame that dietary “fat” is referred to by the same word used to designate someone as being overweight. Encouraging modern women to eat more fat is about as easy as selling them a makeup named Ugly. Better terms for dietary fat could have been “lipids,” “triglycerides,” or “sexy” – as in, “Each spoonful of lard contains 13 grams of sexy.”

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