Review: “The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal” by K. J. Charles

Thumbs up for The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal by K. J. Charles. Fantasy.

I suppose it’s possible K.J. Charles might write something I didn’t love, but it hasn’t happened yet. The Charm of Magpies series is a bit better than this one, simply by dint of being more developed, so if you haven’t read her books yet, start there. Then, when you need more, read this.

I did not want his kindness, or his friendship. What I wanted was to be his lover, as I so briefly had been, but not if it meant betraying Miss Kay. She was nothing to me, but I did not want Simon to be that flawed, treacherous man. God knows I did not think him perfect, but I had thought him true. If he wanted me, if we might find a corner of secrecy at Elphill Abbey, I should let him have his desire, but I should think the less of him for it.

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