Review: “The Silver Pigs” by Lindsey Davis

Thumbs up for The Silver Pigs by Lindsey Davis. Historical mystery.

It can safely be said that I am not really a murder mystery reader; they have to have something else going on. In this case what’s going on is the Roman Empire, a political plot, a love story with a prickly patrician girl, and a whole lot of funny. Marcus Didius Falco, the eternally unlucky private eye, is good company, the historical details are lush without bogging down the story, and the wonderful quirky style that I loved so much from The Course of Honor is in full play here. Highly recommended for ancient Rome buffs or anyone who likes witty mysteries.

There was an outer room in which a dog might just turn around, if he was a thin dog with his tail between his legs. A wonky table, a slanty bench, a shelf of pots, a bank of bricks I used as a cooking stove, a gridiron, winejars (empty), rubbish basket (full). One way out to the balcony for when you got tired of stamping on the cockroaches indoors, plus a second opening behind a curtain in bright, welcoming stripes – this led to the bedroom. Sensing it perhaps, she did not ask.

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