The Xanadu Talisman (Modesty Blaise series)

Review: “The Xanadu Talisman” by Peter O’Donnell


Thumbs up for The Xanadu Talisman (Modesty Blaise #10) by Peter O’Donnell. Suspense.

A fun adventure story with a kick-ass female heroine (insert inevitable comparison to James Bond here) though I don’t think I read quite fast enough to read books that are nothing more than fun adventure stories. I get impatient and start thinking: I want to write my own story with a kick-ass female heroine. But that’s me. To everyone else who can calm down and just read for fun, I would highly recommend Modesty Blaise.

“‘This is where I go into my enigmatic bit again. A hint of a smile, and slightly narrowed eyes. Does that look fairly enigmatic?'”

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