Review: “Translation State” by Ann Leckie

Thumbs up for Translation State by Ann Leckie. Science fiction.

If you’ve read Ann Leckie’s Imperial Raadch trilogy, don’t miss this. (If you like science fiction and haven’t read the Imperial Raadch trilogy, what is wrong with you? Go read it!) This is a weird but excellent standalone in the same universe. I say weird because there are flesh-eating aliens, yet the feeling I had when I walked away was “that was so wholesome”? It’s impossible to be specific about the content without huge spoilers, but let’s try: a housekeeper, a mechanic, and a juvenile alien all get pulled into a plot with galactic-scale ramifications, and, uh…they drink a lot of tea and refuse to be lied to? It’s both both dark and utterly charming. Writer goals, man. (Note: This book has nothing to do with translation.)

“I don’t only bring tea and snacks,” said Sphene, as it poured tea and distributed the tiny bowls. “I also bring gossip.”

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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