Your Body Doesn't Lie

Review: “Your Body Doesn’t Lie” by John Diamond

Thumbs up for Your Body Doesn’t Lie by John Diamond. Health.

The book I read was titled BK: Behavioral Kinesiology: How to Activate Your Thymus and Increase Your Life Energy, but the book I link to above seems to be the paperback title with identical content.

I am a big fan of MRT (muscle response testing) and this book would be a great intro for someone who wasn’t already familiar. As for the stuff about the thymus – well, I have no idea if it’s complete bunkum, great wisdom, or a little of both. Food for thought, anyway.

Just as it is not normal for us to walk slumped and joyless, it is not normal for us to get sick or die from chronic degenerative diseases. Most males in our society expect that sooner or later they will have a heart attack. Most of us fear that we will get cancer or, if we manage to escape that dread disease, that we will fall victim in old age to arthritis, diabetes, blindness, or severe mental impairment. This need not be. The long-lived people of the highlands of southern Ecuador rarely develop these diseases. Nor do they lose their eyesight or become arthritic in old age. David Davies, who spent some time with these remarkable people, observed that they were slim, lucid, and agile, and had great passion for life. “If you were walking behind a man,” he observed, “until you caught up with him you would not know if he was 40 or 120, such was the nature of their walk….There was something dynamic – even tigerlike – about their movements….”

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